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LYX - modern outdoor furniture & storage systems 



The entire manufacturing process
in one hand.

If you’re a lucky owner of a garden, you most likely know how much effort it costs to keep it both functional and good-looking. Our thoughtfully designed waste bin covers will make your outdoors beautiful without compromising functionality. By choosing our innovative solution, you can be eco and keep your garden or patio beautifully arranged.


We fulfill the expectations of those who were
looking for such a product.

Modern waste bin cover modules to keep your outdoor spaces beautiful & functional.

Outdoor bins are a typical element of outdoor arrangements. Their design is usually as simple as possible, and it rarely goes in line with the rest of the backyard arrangement. In response to the increasing demand for solutions that incorporate modern design, we’ve created domestic waste bin covers that harmonize with your outdoor spaces. With its usage, you can hide the ugly containers without compromising functionality.

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