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LYX – modern garage furniture sets

The garage can serve various purposes aside from keeping the car inside. You may limit its usage to car storage or use it as a little workshop, or simply sports and leisure space. Garages can also be turned into a gym, art studios, or even offices. Whichever solutions you choose, a good organization is crucial – and it will be challenging without quality furniture!

If you want to organize it in the most efficient way, consider investing in garage furniture sets specifically designed for this kind of space. Our equipment will fit garages of different sizes and answer your needs.

YOUR PERFECT Garage Design 

Now Your Garage 
Can be WOW! 


LYX Furniture, we pay particular attention to the quality of our products. To produce our garage furniture set, we use carefully selected materials from reliable sources and verify their durability through a series of quality tests

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Modern system that help you make it your garage in one, modern style.